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Advanced Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries,  Exoderm peelings,  FUE hair transplantation 

  Artificial (synthetic)  the newest and safest generation hair implantation -  Nido or Biofibre.  


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Exoderms complete solution for any kind of baldness


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By Exoderm -  international  Medical Centers


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Nido or Biofibre synthetic hair !

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FUE -  hair transplant

Synthetic hair implants

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 OR : Get 50% refund for roundtrip flight costs

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 Free hotel F/B for 5 - 8  days

valid only for flights from :

Europe:   London, Paris ,Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam,

 USA : L.A,  N.Y,  Miami , Atlanta , Chicago,

Canada : Montreal , Toronto 

( flights from any other locations are possible with our approval  

in advance)


* flights and dates should be coordinated and to be

approved by us in advance ! in order to get the allowance.


* in order to get a package deal and or the allowance

please cheek with us first

if you reach the minimum quantity or the treatments limited prices


*only by registration in advance 

at the next locations only :


 Frankfurt - Koln -  Budapest - Sopron,

 Vienna (Wien) - Linz - Graz - Milano


Germany , AustriaHungary, Denmark, Italy

Belgium, UK,  France,  Switzerland , Slovenia , Croatia, Russia,



Biofibre colors and synthetic hair types



synthetic hair implantation



Nido Colors



Pulling strength of the synthetic hair is 150 Gram,

more than our natural hair .


Exoderm Medical Centers

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