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EXODERM - the  original EXODERM International MEDICAL CENTERS 1985

WARNING AND CLARIFICATION For doctors or Patients only:

 that are buying or using any kind of  "Exoderm" peel kits

and or undergoing peeling treatments by Doctors or clinics

that are using  the Exoderm name only with no

base or our trainings and or the original Exoderm materials

Exoderm the original method:   Exoderm &  Exodermology - I.M.C

28 years of practice,  Advanced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeries
Was the first to invent and perform the " Exoderm " the non surgical face lift
In - 1984-1985 , 

Ever since and especially in the last couple of years under misleading, similar or identical

names some other products are using our name: the "Exoderm"  or even the original Exoderm names.

It came to our knowledge that those entities never in any legitimate way received 
from us permeation to use our name since they never bean trained by us to use our special methods

or did even receive the original formula or materials and any knowledge from the

original Exoderm Medical Centers  !

Never the last there are legitimate practitioners that received training from us therefore  

We would recommend checking with us first before undergoing any treatments  what Doctors

 are on our list that were licensed and trained by us to perform the treatment !

with the original  known to be safe materials only ! 



Recently it came to our knowledge that several serious complications accrued

during treatments with Kits or formulas that named or sold under the false name

 "Exoderm" "exoderm peel"  "lift"

 "exopeel" - " Exo- office peel" - or "week-end peel"
And other variations that brings to mind by association the name of the
ORIGINAL  EXODERM" and or the "Exodermology"  !

We would like to clarify that all those kits above have nothing to do with our original Exoderm formulas,

procedures, or products especially if it is originated from the late Dr' Fintzis clinic,

and or from Dr Landau from  Israel or by any other related clinics or doctors,

or cosmetic manufactures  from Israel - France , U.S.A , Brazil or S.America  , U.K

or by any Cosmetic companies or any distributors that claims to use the Exoderm peel - Exopeel :

or any related peel that oriented from the Exoderm !


we would like to clarify and warn the public that :
Those kits are NOT our original formulas and do not contain the same ingredients therefore they are different

totally from the ORIGINAL EXODERM"  !  and as far as we know those fake formulas did cause

severe damages to many patients that did not know that those doctors are not representing

the original Exoderm peel


Therefore : 


Exoderm Medical Centers will not be responsible in any way for any damages
that accrued in the past or may accrue in the future as the result of using any of those unoriginal Kits

or the different methods that arent the same as our technique,  nor for the results of the treatments

preformed unless it was done with our "original Exoderm & Exodermology " 1985 formulas

and or was done by our licensed doctor who received the complete

training to perform our Exoderm  treatment and got our written license,

We highly suggest to Doctors and patients to check with us first to avoid any complications !

since the original Exoderm Medical Centers performs the original method  since 1984

 and we never had any complication at all  with the original Exoderm peel.

Doctors that would like to study more of  the unfortunate death case with the unoriginal

"Exoderm " treatment and as for the terrible lies of some doctors that claimed on several articles

and many advertisements that they have used the "neutralized  toxic effect of the phenol formula"  -

just  like the sellers and many of the so called  ( by them self ) as the "new inventers " 

of our old and known products and Exoderm methods did  actually advertise and publicized  .



Photos of some of the Fake unoriginal Exoderm Formulas that are sold and

were involved with severe complications burns , scars , allergic shock

and at least 1 known death case .


Fake   samples of piratical made "Exoderm" that are sent to doctors as "cosmetic

samples "  since it is not allowed to use any of that or deliver to any country

without medical or any health authority approvals .

to read about that death case  :    please click on and follow this  link


Some of the lately new clinics that we found out that advertises the fake

unoriginal Exoderm peel under the Exoderm peel name !  and that has no basic knowledge or approvals

from Exoderm international medical centers and or by any authority as for the materials they use.



Croatia  - Poliklinika Dr. Maletić dusko.


Germany -  Laserinstitut Burg Arras   


Israel -  2 different doctors claim to use the original Exoderm but they are using the fake one. 


U.K  2 diferent clinics in London claims to do the Exoderm peel  that have no conection to the original peel

or to Exoderm Medicals !



Those above are not  any members of Exoderm I.M.C chain nor using the original

peelings or method .


and never got the training or any original method or materials from Exoderm I.M.C !


Exoderm I.M.C -   will not take any responsibility for their results or damages if done

by their fake peels that are only using our name and reputation with no real base :

and that are advertising wrong information's to the public !



Exoderm peel by Exoderm medical centers are done only by qualified plastic surgeons

and by highly trained staff in operating rooms and anesthesiologist -

in the original Exoderm Medical Centers only -


we suggest any to take care and cheek with us first before undergoing any treatments by any

doctor,  see with us first  if they are qualified by us and are they members of the Exoderm I.M.C or just using our reputation and misleading their patients by buying and using high toxin formulas that should

be authorized and not made homely piratical and or smuggled to those clinics illegally.  


WARNING AND CLARIFICATION for Doctors buying Exoderm- Exopeel- Exoderm-lift   -  kits:


Any of the fake or NONE original kits that are sold for 400-800 Euro or $ are not prepared

by  our  ORIGINAL  EXODERM" !  those kits are made and sold and even delivered to buyers piratical !

and against any international and local law unregistered or tested and treated as piratical medication !

We would like to emphasize that we have no indirect distributors at all  !

and Exoderm I.M.C  does not deliver the formula to any doctor or else that is not working with our Exoderm chain

therefore we suggest doctors and patients to check first and not get treatments or formulas from any

other source that is not directly from Exoderm Medical Centers  !

our  ORIGINALE EXODERM"!  Lift  or peel is marked only as :
" Exoderm the original " since - 1985   Exoderm I.M.C



Special offer for Doctors or clinics {only} - 

franchise the original Exoderm

A complete training course for the Exclusive & Original Exoderms peeling & face lift method.
Possible to franchise with the original  Exoderm Medical Centers chain .
on an exclusive or  partnership base at your area & clinic


Hair Transplantation - FUE

and 2 kinds of synthetic new generation hair implants , Biofibre , Nido,  exclusivity in Europe

benefit from our 27 years of experience and get a full professional back-up

to your practice and patients.

Contact: Mr.  Michael Eger

Director,  Exoderm I.M.C

Exoderm International Medical Centers



  Hungary : 36-30-9394442
Austria  : 43-6765414992
 Germany : 49-1577-926-4848
Israel : 972-544-377454


workshops - courses  for Doctors : 2012

 Israel & Hungary & Germany & Austria  & UK.

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