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Hair Transplantation


E.F.I - Hair pulse inject 

Synthetic & Artificial Hair Implants

Nido or Biofibre -  Best Solutions for any kind of Baldness  

Training courses - Franchises for Doctors and clinics.

Exoderm Centers -  Most Advanced Plastic surgery +  Exoderm peel


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FUE - Hair Transplantation 

Synthetic & Artificial Hair Implants







FUE   Haar Transplantation

Und Kunsthaar Transplantation


FUE  1, 2, 3 -  Haar Transplantation,  Eigenhaar .


FUE ,  FU ,  FUT -  Mikro und Makro Graft - fon Strip


E.F.I  : Newest -  Electronic ( Pulse) single

double or triple Follicle Injected

Hair restoration


Mega Transplantations .


Exklusive Im Exoderm I.M.C 


"Nido"  - Kunsthaar mit Kolagen


"Biofibre"  - Bio synthetische Kunsthaar

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Fue Implanters


Nido Colors


Biofibre colors and hair types



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 3000 Artificial hair implant  By Exoderm Medical Centers Austria




Front hair line after 3000 Nido's hair implants

By Exoderm Medical Centers


Before Artificial hair Implant - Exoderm


After Artificial hair Implant - Exoderm



Nido hair implant by Exoderm Medical Centers  



Biofibre Hair implant



Special offer for Doctors  , MD'S

the original "Exoderm"

trainings  course  - Franchise


Complete training for the Exclusive Original

Exoderms peel - face lift method.
Possibility to franchise with the original 

Exoderm Medical Centers chain

on an exclusive partnership base

at your area & clinic !

The original - Exoderm peel, lift

and or the complete solutions for baldness ,

unique hair transplantation methods FUE and

2 kinds of synthetic hair implants

and all type of transplant combinations.

courses , complete  trainings ,

workshops  for Doctors and for

the Medical ( Hair ) assistants.


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